Saturday, October 8, 2016

100+ Christmas Gold Bokeh Overlays Collection

Introducing new, beautiful Christmas Collecton this week.

100+ Christmas Gold Bokeh Photo Overlays

  This Collection is just perfect for any studio shots or any on location photos. Very easy to use - You can mix & match the overlays to get even more uniqe looks, the possibilities are endless.
Learn more here.

Photography courtesy of Mily Photography

Thursday, September 29, 2016

How to use Digital Backdrops Free PS Tutorial

How to Use our Digital Backdrops ?

1. Download your digital backdrop files, unzip the folder and open files in editing software
You can use any Software supporting layers - PS, PS CC, PS E, Gimp etc

2. Open your image in software and place it into the digital backdrop.

3 .Create masking layer & paint away these parts of the image you don't want to see,
zoom it & use soft brush for the best results

4. You can continue with editing or just merge both layers

Have you seen our newest Autumn Collection yet ?


Friday, September 23, 2016

{ Product Spotlight } Falling Leaves Photo Overlays

Fall is here and there's no better time for some Falling Leaves offer !
Are you obsessed already with all the gorgeous Autumn colours & leaves?
We decided to update a little our best selling Fall Overlays with some new, beautiful leaves and ready to use overlays .

Falling Leaves Photo Overlays

Wonder how to use Falling Leaves Photo Overlays ?
Check our PS Tutorial here

Falling Leaves inspiration for you

more here & here

If you like to share with me your beautiful Fall images, feel free to email me {}.

more gorgeous Falling Leaves here, together with a little Fall Freebie!

Friday, September 16, 2016

{ Product Spotlight } Shooting through branches Fall Photo Overlays for Photographers

We are so happy to introduce our first Fall 2016 Collection - Shooting Through Branches Fall Overlays

You will find inside 45 high quality, made with beautiful, real Autumn leaves and branches, photo overlays ! Perfect for any late Summer/Fall on location pics, with brown, red or yellow tones.
You should really check them out !

Learn more here
There are many beautiful Autumn inspired Photo Overlays, please take a look here .